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We have an exclusive range of premium African Arabica coffees.
100% single origin estate, non-blended, African Arabica!

Like a good wine with terroir a critical determinant in the end product, our coffees will vary slightly from harvest to harvest, depending on, amongst other factors, those of altitude, aspect, rainfall and soil .

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Opening Times:

Monday - Saturday 7am to 4 pm
Sundays and Public Holidays - 7am to 4pm

Call Us: 087 941 4591


Experience our exceptional coffees at The Pearls Shopping Centre on the terrace facing Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks.


What our customers are saying

Great coffee and delicious food

A highly recommended addition to the Umhlanga scene - enjoy a speciality coffee with something yummy on the side in relaxing surroundings.

Dave K

The Coffee Shop

African Roots Coffee Shop opened at The Pearls Shopping Centre, Lagoon Drive in Umhlanga Rocks on 15 December 2016. Not only are the above exclusive coffees available, but speciality teas are also on the menu as are light breakfasts and lunches. Most foods are artesanal ( locally sourced ) as are the fruit drinks available. The croissants are disputably the best available and frittatas, open and toasted sandwiches and a variety of hummus' are also available.

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