The Legend of Coffee

Legend has it that coffee was first discovered by a young Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi, who noticed his goats behaving excitedly after eating red berries from a nearby bush. Kaldi then tried some himself and discovered that it gave him a fresh burst of energy. This was in about the eighth century AD. Up until that time coffee had only been used as a foodstuff and it was only after 1000 AD that coffee began to be used as a hot beverage. The habit of drinking coffee was then adopted by monks who boiled the berries and made a drink that kept them awake during long religious services.

From the cradle of coffee in Africa, coffee then spread to the Middle East, Persia and Turkey, then to Italy and the rest of Europe and finally to the rest of the world.

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Experience our exceptional coffees at The Pearls Shopping Centre on the terrace facing Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks.


What our customers are saying

What a nice find. This classy modern coffee shop is owner managed. The decor is spot on, modern, open and a touch of yesterday. We sat upstairs on the mezzanine floor, which was very relaxing. The coffee was excellent, the baked lemon cheese cake was perfect and the peanut butter topping on their signature carrot muffin was the exceptional. I would highly recommend this establishment.

Rees Mann